Accelerating life-improving innovation through critical infrastructure.

More than just an incubator, we are a full-service innovation catalyzer, offering a suite of shared discovery services to help you fast-track your early stage drug development.

Typical incubators provide space and equipment, but little support. Our unique model goes beyond the co-lab space and equipment to offer strategic and expert science partnerships.  Our team of seasoned entrepreneurs have the drug discovery expertise you need to research, develop and commercialize your IP.

What We Offer

Integrated Lab Space

Dry and wet lab, state-of-the-art Biology equipment, MedChem, and ADME technology

Project Progression

To guide you through target validation and assay development, hit identification and lead optimization

Experienced Team

Leadership with deep scientific, academic and industry experience

SQR-1 Labs Core Team



Michael Shleifer, Ph.D.

Michael brings entrepreneurial prowess, as well as drug development expertise. In his 20 years in healthcare, he has co-founded 6 startups in digital health and biotech. He is also the Managing Partner of SQR -1’s parent company, SPRIM.


Aaron Kim

Aaron is currently Managing Partner of Valparaiso Capital Partners, a regional private equity firm, focused on real estate development and investment management in Asia.  As a Director and investor in SQR-1 Labs, his primary focus is facilities design & development and investment management.


Mahmood Ahmed, Ph.D.

Mahmood is a drug discovery and development expert with more than 15 years in pharma, primarily in the CNS field. He has led multiple drug discovery projects globally, achieving significant milestones and delivered a number assets for clinical development.

Integrated Scientific Expertise

integrated lab services team structure

Our Location

79 Science Park Drive,

Level 06 Unit 01, 08  

Cintech IV Building, Singapore 118264

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